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EASY: 3 Classes for Therapists Who Do Full Body Massage

Easy Active Hip and Leg Releases in Full Body Massage
(20-348629) will teach you simple Muscle Energy releases of the hamstrings/quadriceps, adductors/abductors and internal/ external rotators of the hip, as well as how to improve flexion/extension of the ankle. You will be shown how to easily incorporate these releases into your full body routine while maintaining proper draping of your client. 6 CE Hours (Fla. and NCBTMB)

Easy Active Neck and Shoulder Releases in Full Body Massage (20-348631) will teach you how to use and easily incorporate simple Muscle Energy releases of the cervical flexors, extensors, lateral flexors and rotators into your full body routine. In addition, you will learn to use and incorporate releases for shoulder flexors/extensors, horizontal flexors/extensors, and medial/lateral rotators. 6 CE Hours (Fla. and NCBTMB)

Easy Craniosacral Therapy Techniques in Full Body Massage (20-348626) will teach you how to incorporate some very basic Craniosacral Therapy techniques into your full body massage. Learn how these simple techniques can greatly enhance your ability to “tone down” your client and make your routine more effective. 6 CE Hours (Fla. and NCBTMB)

Once these methods are mastered (which is not difficult), they will enhance the effectiveness of your general full body massage and your massage will require less physical effort on your part.

Hip and Legs   TBA 2018 Friday 9:00am to  4:00pm Apply
Neck and Shoulders   TBA 2018 Saturday 9:00am to 4:00pm Apply
Craniosacral   TBA 2018 Sunday 9:00am to 4:00pm Apply
Take all 3 back-to-back and get 18 CEUs.
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Choose any 1 class $175 (Full time students: $100) Very  Good   Deal
Choose any 2 classes $325 (Full time students: $175) Better - Save $25!
Choose any 3 classes $450 (Full time students: $225) Best -    Save $75!



All EASY classes are held at the address below unless otherwise noted.

ASA Pain Relief Therapies, Inc
745 US Highway 1
North Palm Beach, FL  33408



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ASA Pain Relief Therapies, Inc.
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