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Why Learn Muscle Energy Technique?

Enhance Your Effectiveness

Your goals may be to relieve pain or simply help your client relax. You may want to improve your client's sports performance. Whatever your focus or current preferred treatment modality, Muscle Energy Technique can greatly improve your effectiveness. It is also an excellent review course for practitioners who have previously studied Muscle Energy.

Reduce Referrals Out

You would like to keep clients in your practice for as much of the hands-on work as may be required. With Muscle Energy Technique you have an additional skill to effect changes in joint mobility. You may not have to refer out as often to other practitioners such as osteopaths or chiropractors. If you are a practitioner whose license allows HVLA thrust, learn an alternative for those times when thrust is not indicated.

Stay Current within the Field of Bodywork

The concept of having the "right tool for the job" applies here. If your practice already includes working with structural problems, Muscle Energy Technique will be an indispensable addition to your current skills. If you want to add concrete structural work to your practice, this is a great place to start!

Reduce Your Physical Effort

Often the bodies of experienced therapists start to "feel it?" Many new therapists are aware of the occupational hazards of body stress. Muscle Energy Technique can greatly reduce the physical effort you require to bring about changes in your client. This is because clients use their own muscle power to make changes - not just yours!

"Had a super feeling of knowing that you are in good hands. Everyone teaching wants you to "get it! "
Gino Giglio, Licensed Massage Therapist

The Right Tool for the Job!

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