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Pain Relief

ASA Pain Relief Therapies, Inc.

We are a hands-on therapy clinic and professional teaching center located in North Palm Beach, Florida, with a history dating back to 1986.

Hands-on Bodywork Therapy Clinic

Visit our Clinic for Relief from Pain, Injury, or Stress.

We offer a range of therapies that can treat pain, injury, and stress in a gentle, safe, and effective manner. We treat clients from nearby and around the world.

Professional Continuing Education

Our professional education department focuses on teaching continuing education courses to professional bodyworkers. We also provide teaching services to local massage schools and offer anatomy and physiology, introductory craniosacral therapy, and muscle energy courses.


Alison Sue Adams, LMT, RCST?
ASA Pain Relief Therapies, Inc.

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ASA Pain Relief Therapies, Inc.
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